Screaming obscenities at a world going by, one day at a time.


Nine inches.

Cystitis is not a solution for sht.

Just to  sound off from a position not written by an inadequate Jew script writer. Chuck Lorre is no authority, folks.

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Cunt again? It was odd how men … used that word to demean women when it was the only part of a woman they valued.


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if that is all they saw you as, what did you really offern in terms of equality?

Real talk. 

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Can’t tell if his family is rich or if he has a rich sugar daddy

So either he is an asshole living off money or an asshole taking it hard for good money. A trick is a trick, either way. If his gaping ass is worth it to him now, fine. Let’s see n 30 years time when a stray though makes him crap himself.

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And finally someone said it

what’s stopping a man from wearing make up if he wants to?

societal expectations of masculinity

you mean the fact that men aren’t allowed to step even an inch out of their gender roles right? i know that’s what you mean but i just wanted to throw it out there. 

The word “society” means nothing. Absolutely nothing. You might as well say something even more ridiculous. Actually, I lied. There is nothing more ridiculous. 

That wasn’t constructive of anything society is a thing when it’s addressed correctly tyvm

Show me a woman who has been called a “fag” and beaten for wearing make up. I have an old friend who was stomped to shit, tossed in a pond and left for dead for dressing goth with make up on?

Ridiculous? Fuck you. Men and woman aren’t equal, despite petitions, marches and protestations. If it worked that way, women wouldn’t be called whores for fucking around and men wouldn’t be called fags for wearing make up if they aren’t on TV.

How about some of you step into the real world and pull your heads out of the tumblr asshole cloud where modern Brooklyn is meant to represent everywhere from Israel to Indianapolis to India?

Seriously, ground yourself in reality, social media is not real, it’s a populist tool of the entitled with internet access. You really think SJWs even fucking exist in Raichurt Doab? No. You know why? Because they can’t even log on for that shit.

This is my problem, youn represent with applicable knowledge or you opine from ignorance. I can see which position you are playing from a distance, it’s hollow.

If society means nothing, explain to me why their are no transsexual black or Asian men-to-women don’t run shit when as men they’d have got those opportunities with greater ease. Or, you know, shut the fuck up, this isn’t a Care Bear Day.

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When people are mean to people I like who do no harm, I kind of want them to be hit by HGVs

”Esses são os ossos adorados
Que cresceram em minha ausência
As conexões, às vezes tênues, às vezes feitas com muito sacrifício…
Mas, muitas vezes, magníficas
Aconteceram depois que eu parti.
Comecei a ver as coisas de uma maneira,
Que me permitiu abraçar o mundo,
Sem eu estar nele.”trt

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"These are the bones worshiped 

That grew in my absence 

connections, sometimes tenuous, sometimes made with great sacrifice … 

Often but magnificent 

happened after I left. 

Began to see things in a way 

That allowed me to embrace the world, 

I’m in on it. “

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We live on pillars of bones, look to the sky in fear or to the ground and see all beneath you?

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"Good Souls"

Sick after every meal 
I’d say 
'Cos I know 
The life from your burning wheel 
Won’t wane

I sleep every day 
Wipe the cobwebs away 
I need to be loved 
I’m out of my mind 
I need to be loved 
I need to be loved

As I turn to you and I say 
Thank goodness for the good souls 
That make life better 
As I turn to you and I say 
If it wasn’t for the good souls 
Life would not matter

Dive straight in on your girlfriend 
Making her feel like there’s going to be a war 
Dive straight in at the deep end 
Making you feel like there’s going to be a war

As I turn to you and I say 
Thank goodness for the good souls 
That make life better 
As I turn to you and I say 
If it wasn’t for the good souls 
Life would not matter

One good day of the week 
And I’ll be up again 
One good day of the week 
I’ll be higher than the government

As I turn to you and I say 
Thank goodness for the good souls 
That make life better 
As I turn to you and I say 
If you’re messing with a good heart 
You’ve got to take what’s due